Nurse Clinics

The surgery has three Practice Nurses. They are available for chronic disease management, i.e. asthma, diabetes, stroke monitoring and heart disease.

Health checks are available for both men and women. 


Health Care Assistant

This member of the nursing team is involved in blood pressure monitoring, NHS health checks, ECGs, applying simple dressings etc.


Phlebotomist (Blood Test Nurse)

Blood tests are available each morning.  

We also have a drop-in lunchtime session between 1pm - 2.15pm.  There is no need for an appointment, just drop in, as long as your GP has requested your sample. NB: There is a maximum of 15 patients seen each day.

We have cancelled our drop in blood service that normally runs everyday between 1pm - 2.15pm and instead replaced it with a pre-bookable phlebotomy clinic for the foreseeable future.

Drop-in is not suitable for Review blood tests. These must be booked as an appointment with a Health Care Assistant.


Alternative Blood Test Options

UHS phlebotomy services confirm the launch of a new single point of access number for patients to book phlebotomy appointments. These appointments are available at Southampton General, Lymington and Romsey Hospitals.  To make a blood test appointment please call 023 8120 4877 Monday-Friday 08.00 -18.00 hrs.

The change has been implemented to provide a more Covid safe waiting system and meet social distancing and infection prevention requirements.  All appointments are pre-bookable. Your GP or hospital consultant must have already requested and approved this blood test.


Childrens' Blood Tests

If a child under 16 years old requires a blood test they can go to The Butterfly Room at the Southampton General Hospital, which run a walk-in service from Monday - Friday 9.00am to 12.00pm and 2.00pm to 4.00pm.  If a child needs to fast for their blood test they can arrive at 8.15am. (Please ensure you take the blood test form with you).


Diabetic Patients

All diabetics who are not regularly monitored at the hospital will be invited to attend the surgery on a regular basis. Progress will be carefully monitored to reduce the long term risks associated with diabetes, such as heart disease and deteriorating eyesight.


Asthmatic Patients

We have trained asthma nurses who review our patients. Regular monitoring of asthmatics is recommended and you are advised to keep your regular appointments.


Hypertension Management

Our nurses regularly monitor patients with hypertension.  These appointments are designed to support those patients whose blood pressure is poorly controlled, providing comprehensive screening, advice and relevant medication.


Minor Surgery & Joint Injections

The surgery has a well equipped treatment room and some of the partners are trained in a range of minor surgical & joint injection procedures. Dermatology and musculoskeletal medicine are two other areas where some partners have either had hospital training or in the process of developing a special interest in. Appointments for a minor operation/joint injection should only be made after an initial consultation with one of the doctors.


Coil & Implanon Fitting

These services are available at the surgery. Ladies considering a coil need to see their own GP initially to confirm suitability. It is then important to have some routine swabs 2 weeks before the fitting.

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