North Baddesley & Knightwood Surgeries

Certificates / Reports / Forms
Short letter / To whom it may concern letter £20.00
More complex letter / certificate £40.00
Private sick note £40.00
Letter for patient (eg rehousing, employer info without exam) £40.00
Sickness/Accident/Insurance/Holiday cancellation etc £40.00
Fitness to travel or exercise letter/certificate £40.00
Freedom from infection certificate (eg school, travel or employment) £40.00
Power of Attorney £40.00
Report on proforma (no exam) approx 20 mins £90.00
Written detailed report (no exam) approx 30 mins £140.00
Firearms licence completion £50.00
Statement of mental capacity (eg for council tax) No fee
Medicals / Examinations
Report with examination (eg, HGV, LGV, taxi, racing car, speed boat) £140.00
Sports medical (eg, SCUBA, parachuting - subject to GP agreement) £140.00
Seat belt exemption (with or without medical) £30.00
HIV examination and blood test taken at surgery £100.00
Employers examination and report £180.00
Mental capacity - no examination £40.00
Mental capacity - with examination £80.00
Private prescription £20.00
updated Jan 2019
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